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Thanks to pressure from Brazilian bloggers and readers, the Brazilian publisher of Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side has agreed to release the sequel, too.  Jessica's Guide might not be the "biggest" book in the world, but it has a lot of really passionate fans - and I'm grateful to each and every one of you!!  Thanks for supporting the books!

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Thanks for stopping by the "Wedding Anniversary" giveaway!  Please just leave a comment on my blog - including a way to contact you - and you'll be entered to win the very first signed copy of the bound version of The Wedding of Antanasia Jessica Packwood & Lucius Valeriu Vladescu.

The contest will close Friday, July 20, at noon EST, and I'll notify the winner shortly thereafter.

As always, thank you so much for your support of my books.  You all inspire me and make being an author fun!




P.S., as Lucius would write:  If you want to buy a copy, in case you don't win, here's the link.



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Hey everyone!  Thanks for stopping by to comment on the story of Jess and Lucius's wedding, which will serve to "set the stage" for the full sequel that's due out next year.  I really do read all of your comments, and they definitely inspired me as I was writing the next part of Jess, Lucius, Mindy and Raniero's story. 

Due to reader demand, I've also published the wedding in a tiny, but pretty, little volume.  If you'd like a copy for your book shelf, you can order one here

Thanks for making this wedding so fun and for all your nice comments in the past!  Happy reading!


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You voted, and the results were overwhelming, to say the least!   A VAST majority of you think Jess and Lucius's first bite as husband and wife should be saved for the honeymoon.  The ceremony will be sealed with a kiss.  Your wish is my command - but a few commenters gave me an idea for how blood might be shared romantically at the ceremony, too.  We'll see...

The wedding starts tomorrow... Check in at my website any time after noon for the first chapter!

And a HUGE thanks to everybody who served as bridesmaids!  This was amazingly fun for me... I hope you all enjoyed it, too!

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Planning this wedding has been incredibly fun for me, and I'm very excited to see how the final vote comes out.

Will you choose to unite Antanasia and Lucius with:

1. A kiss

2. A bite to the throat, or

3. A kiss AND a bite to the throat


(For a couple things you might want to consider, click here!)

Just like in previous weeks, please include a numeral (1, 2 or 3) in your comment, so it's easier for me to count the votes.  And please let me know why you voted as you did...  I love to read your ideas!

Voting is open until Saturday, Sept. 19, at noon.

Then, on Sunday, Sept. 20, the wedding will get underway!  I'll post the first wedding chapter on my website, bethfantaskey.com. 

(Hint:  It's going to involve a special reunion...)

Thanks for voting!

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This week's vote on the song for Jess and Lucius's first dance was the most fun for me so far.  Not only was it fascinating to read what you chose and why, but I also discovered a lot of new music for my own iPod! 

Your tastes ran from Bach to Etta James to Sinatra to Death Cab for Cutie... WOW! 

When it was time to make my choice, I took into consideration both the individual songs you suggested, and the "theme" of the comments overall.  And one of the things I took away was that a lot of you believe Jess and especially Lucius would prefer something timeless and classic that would reflect Lucius's background and the idea of an eternal love.  And when I read this comment by Lisa (Sept. 7), I knew exactly what I was looking for:  "something that... captures their essence as a couple... soft and tender at times, but also clashing and crescendoing at others."  That summed it up perfectly!

First, here are the songs that are runners-up, and which I think make a great playlist for the wedding - or the book, overall.

* Breathe Me - Sia

* Gravity of Love - Enigma (although the video was too creepy!)

* Your Guardian Angel - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (lots of votes)

* She Is Love - Parachute (very sweet, also lots of votes - a song that made me think of Jess)

* Marry Me - Evanescence (it gives me chills!)

* Nothing Else Matters - Metallica (don't you love when he growls, "Trust I seek, and I find in you..."?)

* Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

* Dark Waltz - Hayley Westenra (more chills)

* Faraway - Apocalyptica

* Dance D'Amour - The 69 Eyes (a true "vampire love song" as Sophia (Sept. 7) noted - and it has almost a German metal edge, which reminded me of Lucius)

* String Quartet #4 - Bartok (Lucius would appreciate the Hungarian/Romanian roots!)

Ultimately, I chose Beethoven's Piano Sonata #14, also known as the "Moonlight Sonata."  As Michaela (Sept. 6) pointed out, "It's really breathtaking, has a gothic feel, you get lost in the way it flows."  And when I listened to it - hearing it again for the first time in years - I knew that it was absolutely perfect.  It's dark, it's light, it's haunting, romantic - and timeless. 

Three people suggested this piece, so I had to draw names. My daughter Julia picked Michaela's name from the bowl, so congrats!  Contact me so I can send you your book!

Thanks, as always, to everybody who suggested a song... I wish I could have picked even more!

And don't forget that starting tonight, you can vote on how Jess and Lucius should seal their union.  Then it will be time for the wedding to begin!

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Wow!  With over 430 votes cast, the white dress won by an overwhelming margin!  

Here's how the voting came out:

* Dress 1 - Black - 77

* Dress 2 - Red - 68

* Dress 3 - White with a Black Twist - 290

I LOVED all of your comments, and I jotted down a lot of your thoughts to draw on when I write the chapters.  It was fun to see how you connected the different dresses to specific scenes in the book, or took into consideration how Lucius might feel to see Jess in each gown, as well as the symbolism of the colors.  Thanks so much for all your thoughtful insights, which will  really help me as I start to write!

I can't wait to see which songs you choose this week!




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The votes have been counted, and Jess and Lucius will be married in the castle! 

Here's how you voted:

Castle - 168

Cave - 91

Mountains - 111

Thanks to everybody who cast a vote and left comments!  I'm already starting to daydream about how I'll "decorate" for the ceremony.  (I might have some plans for the cave and mountains, too...)

Vote for the dress below!

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It's time to choose the dress that Jessica will wear when she begins her new life as Antanasia Dragomir Vladescu, vampire princess - and wife of Lucius!

To see the choices again, click here.


1 - Dramatic black

2 - Regal red

3 - White with a dark twist

IMPORTANT:  Please include the numeral (1, 2 or 3) in your comment, to make it easier for me to tally the votes.  And if you'd like, tell me why you chose the dress that you did.  It's fun for me to read your opinions, and actually helps me as I begin to plan the new chapters.  After all, I want this wedding to be based on YOUR ideas. 

Voting on the dress will close Saturday, September 5, at noon.

Thanks for taking part!

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Thanks for stopping by to vote on where Jess and Lucius's wedding should be held.  I hope you like the three choices!

For a complete description of the locations, click HERE.

IMPORTANT:  Please begin your entry with a NUMERAL (1,2 or 3) so it's easier for me to tally the results. 


1 - Castle

2 - Cave

3 - Carpathian Mountains

Then feel free to explain why you made your choice.  I can't wait to read your ideas!

Voting on location will be open until Midnight, Saturday, Aug. 29 - when we'll start choosing Jess's dress!


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I'm so excited to be hosting this on-line wedding...  I can't wait to write the new chapters in which Jess and Lucius get married, using your suggestions.  I promise - it will be the romantic event that so many of you have requested!

Voting on the location will begin Sunday, August 23, and last for one week.  Please stop back then!

And if you haven't already done so, make sure to go to the blog entry "Catch the Bouquet" to register for the prize package! 

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Whether we like it or not, it's almost time for a lot of us to go back to school (and that includes me... I am prepping for my classes right now.)   And back to school means - books!   And books need - bookmarks!  (Unless you're like me and smoosh your books flat to hold your place.) 

Anyway, I just happen to have a pack of 20 bookmarks with the Jessica's Guide cover art on them, sitting in my office taking up space, so I've decided to share them with you.  (Especially since several people have asked about how to get them.) 

It's not a contest or anything.  Just the first 20 people who leave a comment below asking for one will get one.  First come, first served! 

If you don't want to leave your mailing address on the blog, and you're one of the first 20, follow up with an e-mail to bethfantaskey@yahoo.com, so I know where to send it!

Hope you're all enjoying the last few weeks of summer!

Posted By Beth Fantaskey

The "Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Summer" giveaway is over, and between blog comments and e-mails, there were over 400 entries! 

Before I announce the winners, I want to say thanks to everybody for all the wonderful comments.  I read every one, and while I couldn't respond to each right then and there, I did mark down some of your questions, so I can answer them in future posts. 

A lot of you also left your hometowns - thanks for that, too!  Jessica's Guide has LOTS of love in Canada, Florida and California.  Good to know, for possible book signings!  (Doesn't mean I won't get to all the other places, too!  I marked down all the requests!)

Okay, last but not least... the moment you've been waiting for!

The winners are:

* Abigail R (bookwormgirl2007)

* Cassandra C (cassy133)

CONGRATULATIONS!  I'll also notify you by e-mail.

I really was overwhelmed by the response, and like I said last time, I wish I had prizes for everybody.  That got me thinking... COULD I have a "prize" for everyone?  Why not???

So I'm right now cooking up a way to thank ALL of you for your support and friendship.  I'm very excited about this, and will be sending out a message in a few weeks.  I hope you think this idea is as fun as I do!! 

HAPPY SUMMER TO EVERYBODY (well... except those of you in the southern hemisphere... happy winter to you!)

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First of all, thanks to everybody who's e-mailed to congratulate me on Jessica's Guide being featured as a "hot summer read" on Good Morning America.  WOW!  I was taken totally by surprise!  Nobody even told me it was under consideration... 

I actually woke up that morning and got a message from my friend Adele, who runs the Persnickety Snark book blog, congratulating me on "being on GMA." Since Adele lives in Adelaide, Australia, I started laughing to my husband, "Hey, I think my book was featured on 'Good Morning Adelaide,' or something!"  Then lots of other congratulations started pouring in, and I realized it really WAS Good Morning America. 

That same day, I got the initial cover art for Jekel Loves Hyde, and it looks like it's going to be gorgeous.  (It's by Cliff Nielson, the same artist who created the Jessica's Guide cover...)

Last but not least, I'm kicking off a new contest with some fun new prizes next week... Please stop back or e-mail me to get on my mailing list, so I can alert you when it starts. 


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Last night my local library here in Pennsylvania was nice enough to invite me to give a reading and talk about my book.  The crowd was small (the TOWN is small!), but it was a fun event.  One girl actually came hoping to get dating tips... She hadn't read the book, and thought it was honestly a guide to getting guys.  I felt bad to disappoint her - but she hung around anyway, and we ended up having a great time talking vampires. 


By the way, I'm signing books at Waldenbooks at the Valley Mall in Hagerstown, Md., this Saturday (June 23) from 1-4.  That's a super long time - and they have a gazillion books - so if you're in the area, please stop by and say hello!






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