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Posted By Beth Fantaskey

I had so much fun running the So Much Better Than Nice drawing that I'm almost sorry it's over!  All total, I had well over 300 entries, and the winners are...


Holly said... Thanks for the contest!  It's really nice of you to host it!  I can't wait for your next book, I loved Jessica's Guide!! May 14, 03:41:21

SECOND PRIZE - LAUREN (Whom I've e-mailed)


Andrea said... Ehmagawd! I want to enter!  I absolutely loooove Jekyll and Hyde - like you wouldn't believe - so I'm really excited to read your new book... May 16, 11:57:59

Since Holly and Andrea didn't leave contact information, I'll need you to check in, i.d. your  comments, and get in touch so I can mail out your prizes. 

As the deadline drew closer, and all your nice comments kept coming in, I kept thinking, "I wish everybody could win."  I know that sounds corny, but it's true!  So I'm trying to brainstorm something even bigger, and more fun, for later this summer...  Stay tuned!! 


Posted By Beth Fantaskey

Response to the drawing has been so great that I'm adding a second and third prize, so a few more people can win...

2nd Prize - A signed book, some yummy chocolate and cherry bites, and a bookmark.

3rd Prize - A signed book, cherry bites, and a bookmark.

(Sorry I don't have extra garlic mints to give away!)

So many of you have left nice comments... I know it sounds cliche, but I really wish I had enough prizes for everybody! 


By the way... Today I finally logged onto my long-forgotten MySpace page, and realized that I still have only ONE friend... the generic guy, "Tom."  I hope some of you will consider adding me, if only because you feel sorry for me!  :-) 

Now scroll down a little farther to enter the drawing...


Posted By Beth Fantaskey

Response to the "So Much Better Than 'Nice'" drawing has been fantastic so far! 

Just to clear a few things up, though...

* You can enter EITHER by leaving a comment on the blog, OR by e-mailing me at 

* If you leave a comment on the blog, please make sure I have a way to identify you, beyond just a first name.  A last initial, e-mail address, name of your cat... anything!  So far I don't think there's any confusion, but if two "Stephs" or "Janes," etc., enter, it might get confusing...

Thanks!  Now jump on down to the next entry and get your name in there!

(By the way - if you DO e-mail me, to enter or just say hi, I can add you to my list of contacts for future updates about new contests and previews, if you're interested in that type of thing.)

Posted By Beth Fantaskey

Okay - I've finally updated the site, so let's celebrate with a FREE STUFF drawing, in the spirit of Lucius's theory that life should be much more than "nice!" 


I was going to do a contest - maybe ask you to answer a question or something - then thought, "Everybody worked hard all during the school year... let's take the 'test' out of 'contest' and just have fun!"  So just write something like, "I'd like to enter," and on May 31, I'll pull the winner from the proverbial hat. 


What's the prize, you ask?

* A signed book, of course!

* Some beautifully crimson, Pennsylvania Dutch cherry "bites."  (The perfect Amish-country vampire snack, don't you think?)

* A "teen-sized" box of my favorite local chocolates, suitable for a Lucius-inspired dream.  (If they melt in transit, eat the glob out of the box... it's that tasty!)

* One tin of "Vampire Repelling Garlic Mints."  Seriously - mints that taste like garlic.  (Lucius would be particularly offended!  See p. 88)

* A bookmark with the gorgeous Jessica's Guide cover art.

* And last but not least - the opening pages of my next book, Jekel Loves Hyde, hot off my computer printer.  The winner will be the first person, outside of my editor, to read it! 


Entries due by Midnight, EST, May 30!  One entry per person, please!  Open to international residents!  And if you don't leave contact information, be sure to check back and see if you won!





Posted By Beth Fantaskey

Hey everybody... thanks for stopping by my new blog, which is going to make it easier for me to post updates - and get feedback from you!

So here's what's new...

* I'm signing books at my local mall, Susquehanna Valley, near Selinsgrove, PA, on Saturday, May 16 from 2-4.  Hope to see some friendly faces there!

* I'm also working on a mini tour of stores in the Baltimore/D.C. area, hopefully for next month... details soon. 

* And finally, I'm going to kick off the new site design with a contest.  My goal is to have that underway next week... I just want to make sure I've mastered the blogging thing and that the new site is working well.  I also want to get together a "prize package" that will make it worthwhile for you to enter! 

Thanks for your patience while I work out any kinks in the new site...  Do you like it so far?? 




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