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Posted By Beth Fantaskey

The "Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Summer" giveaway is over, and between blog comments and e-mails, there were over 400 entries! 

Before I announce the winners, I want to say thanks to everybody for all the wonderful comments.  I read every one, and while I couldn't respond to each right then and there, I did mark down some of your questions, so I can answer them in future posts. 

A lot of you also left your hometowns - thanks for that, too!  Jessica's Guide has LOTS of love in Canada, Florida and California.  Good to know, for possible book signings!  (Doesn't mean I won't get to all the other places, too!  I marked down all the requests!)

Okay, last but not least... the moment you've been waiting for!

The winners are:

* Abigail R (bookwormgirl2007)

* Cassandra C (cassy133)

CONGRATULATIONS!  I'll also notify you by e-mail.

I really was overwhelmed by the response, and like I said last time, I wish I had prizes for everybody.  That got me thinking... COULD I have a "prize" for everyone?  Why not???

So I'm right now cooking up a way to thank ALL of you for your support and friendship.  I'm very excited about this, and will be sending out a message in a few weeks.  I hope you think this idea is as fun as I do!! 

HAPPY SUMMER TO EVERYBODY (well... except those of you in the southern hemisphere... happy winter to you!)

Posted By Beth Fantaskey

First of all, thanks to everybody who's e-mailed to congratulate me on Jessica's Guide being featured as a "hot summer read" on Good Morning America.  WOW!  I was taken totally by surprise!  Nobody even told me it was under consideration... 

I actually woke up that morning and got a message from my friend Adele, who runs the Persnickety Snark book blog, congratulating me on "being on GMA." Since Adele lives in Adelaide, Australia, I started laughing to my husband, "Hey, I think my book was featured on 'Good Morning Adelaide,' or something!"  Then lots of other congratulations started pouring in, and I realized it really WAS Good Morning America. 

That same day, I got the initial cover art for Jekel Loves Hyde, and it looks like it's going to be gorgeous.  (It's by Cliff Nielson, the same artist who created the Jessica's Guide cover...)

Last but not least, I'm kicking off a new contest with some fun new prizes next week... Please stop back or e-mail me to get on my mailing list, so I can alert you when it starts. 





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